Creature Pod is a mobile invention that has been created by Aviva. It has a number of functions, mostly


Charging Creature Pods

communication between the team.


The whole crew has their own Creature Pod. Martin and Chris keep theirs on their gloves or in their pockets, while Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z keep theirs in their pockets.



The Creature Pod is a small, hand held device similar to an iPhone. It has four buttons shaped into a paw print.


Trivia Edit

  • In the pilot episode, Polar Bears Don't Dance, the holograms appear with a purplish hue.
    • In the other episodes, the hologram colors depend on the Creature Pod color here,s .Capabilities
    • Scanner
    • Fishing Rod (Seahorse Rodeo)
    • Chisel (Seahorse Rodeo)
    • Hologram
    • Phone
    • SOS Messaging (Praire Who?)A creature pod looks like a GBA though it is not seen it is used in movies too