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Donita Donata is a recurring villain in Wild Kratts. She is a fashion designer that uses animals to make fashions.


Donita has maroon hair and golden eyes. She wears a pinkish-red shirt adorned with dots, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. She has long, blue-green earrings. Her pants are umber brown and are worn up to the waist. She wears high-heels and a lot of makeup.


Donita easily gets frustrated and angry. Although she is able to do her own work, she often avoids doing it because she thinks it will make her look "unfashionable". She is bossy, and she tries to make herself look superior when facing others. She also has an enormous ego, and this makes her easy to dupe.


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  • Donita is shown to be quite wealthy, seeing as she has her own private jet and yacht, along with a mansion.
  • Like Zach, Donita is shown to have fans and/or clients who support her line of work
  • she's in love with Zack though Zack cant' tell all the distractions possibaly because shes trying to show him how much she loves him


Donita incorporates animals into whatever she is making by putting them in suspended animation, in which the animals can not move, but are still fully conscious. She then either shows them off at fashion shows or sells them.

Donita also has a henchman named Dabio. Although always ready to serve her every need, Dabio's childish attitude and low intelligence keep her from accomplishing her plans quickly, if at all.

Typically, Donita travels the world in her pink, private jet. The interior is littered with dress forms, sewing machines, posters, drapes, boxes filled with clothing and fabrics, and all of her comforts. The jet also has a suction vacuum, which she uses to suck up her animal targets. She also travels in a pink yacht, which has an outdoor pool. Donita can hack into the Wild kratts Computers, meaning that she must be very intelligent .