1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox fanon characterJason E. Kratt is a member of the Wild Kratt's Crew. He's the crew's resident helper, sharing info that he's got on Filipino Creatures, Testing equipment when Jimmy's napping or eating pizza, and just being like a son to the entire crew. He is also a fanon character made by Subnauticatraer

Appearance (Regular) Edit

Jason is at the height of wild kratts kid Gavin, but slightly shorter. He wears shorts most often, along with either flip flops or Adidas. Most of his tops are hand me downs that fit, nice and snug. His favourite one, however, is his lego Uniqlo T-shirt. He has brownish hair and wears dog tags, though this is simply for decoration.

Appearance (Creature Adventuring) Edit

Jason, When he's out with the bros, wears a faded yellow vest and ragamuffin oven mitts. His creature power suit colour is a Salmon coloured vest, but he likes to stick to his "adventuring kit" most of all. His filipino wear is mostly casual, but extremely breathable and silky. Because of his filipino wear, dubbed fashionable by someone, He's constantly being chased and baited by Donita.

Description Edit

Jason has a thin appearance reminiscent of a Ramen Noodle. Because of this, Jimmy and Koki some times call him Noodle Head. Jason has an interest in whatever Aviva is making, and usually feeds the info to the Kratt brothers.

He also seems to be fond of Entymology, the study of Bugs. But he's no Kratt Bro. He's happy to sit back in the safety of Tortuga HQ, Or as he calls it: Guy in the Chair Central.

Personality Edit

Jason is a blend of Jimmy Z, Aviva, Martin, Koki, and Dabio in terms of his personality. Like Jimmy Z, He likes to hang back, Relax, Have some soda, and party. Like Aviva, He's open-minded, But also quite Worrisome, making it a handful to calm him down. He's also obedient, follows orders, and loves to crack puns. He's also a techie, meaning he can do minor trouble shooting, but he's not on Koki's level.