1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox fanon character Katherine Lindsey Corcovado (also known as Kate Corcovado or Kate Varmitech) is a fanon character created by       wildkrattssuperfan1. She is featured in multiple FanFictions .


Kate Corcovado was once Zach and McKenzie Varmitech's daughter. But once the Wild Kratts got into her head at the age of four, she led her own path and became a Wild Kratt, thus betraying her father, Zach. For years, (and years to come) Zach and tried and tried to get Kate to come back to him, but he always usually fails, even when he tries by force.



Season 6 Edit

  • mixed colors
  • bug nightmares


Nice but defensive Strong but gentle And the opposite of gg Kratt


Gg Kratt: a annoying sister GG Kratt is always annoying to Kate idk why but yep also I’m georgiana light the creator of gg Kratt my oc

Chris Kratt: Close Friend/Father- Chris is the one that saved Kate on that moonless night that she ran away, so she and him are very close. They literally do think of each other as father and daughter, and Chris can be a little overly protective of her. Kate will call Chris, Daddy, from time to time, and Chris will someimes slip calling her 'sweetie' every now and then.

Martin Kratt: Close Friend/Uncle- Although not related at all, Kate looks up to Martin to give her his special advice, and she'll need that when she finda a certian sister of hers. Martin usually is the one to cheer her up in a time of need, and, just like with Chris, he can be protective of her if he has to. Kate usually refers to Martin as 'Uncle Martin,' or 'Oji-Martin', which is just a japanese word for uncle. Martin usually calls her by her full name, Katherine. 

Aviva Corcovado: Family/Mother- Kate legally became Aviva's daughter, so their bond is really strong. Although she may not show as much as she does with Chris, Kate is extremely attached to Aviva. She'll stay behind in the HQ to help her mom with inventions, and sometimes Aviva will even teach her to rollerskate around the HQ. Kate usually refers to Aviva as Mommy, and Aviva will refer to her almost always (and especially when she's in danger) Mi'ha, the Spanish word for 'sweetie' or 'my darling'.

Zach Varmitech: Family/Bio-Father- Zach was Kate's original father, but now he sees her as an enemy. But sometimes, even when he's kidnapped her for some reason, or has her cornered, he will back down and sort of 'take pity' on her. (Reminds you that he still cares for her) Kate refers to Zach as VDad, so he doesn't get confused with Chris. But whenever Zach and Kate are in a conversation, she refers to him as 'Dad', unless she's mad at thim. Zach just refers to her as Kate, or when she was younger, Jitterbug (which drove her NUTS!), or Pinkie.


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