Madison Hailey Kratt (usually called Madi Kratt) is an OC created by Madi Kratt (Mia) . Her debut is made in The Hidden Daughter.


Madi Kratt was born on June 15, to Chris and Aviva Kratt. That night Zach Varmitech and Donita Donata snuck in and stole her. When she was 14, the Wild Kratts were invited to Zach's 'invention show-off' she met the Kratts, who were suspicious at first, but then realized she was their daughter. Zach and Donita tried to keep her animal-hating, but her Kratt blood was too strong.


Madi, on a normal day, wears a pink T-shirt, athletic or jean shorts, a teal jacket and pink Converse. The jacket is usually never zipped at all, but hanging loose. Her brown, almost black hair is either in a braid, ponytail or long and loose. She has tan skin, green eyes and is 5'6".

Her signature color is teal.


Madi Kratt is athletic and brave. She can hack and is smart. She also isn't afraid of being judged. However, she's also sometimes bossy, oblivious and easily influenced by her family and friends. Her best friends, Emma and Allie, can sometimes get her to do things she doesn't want to do.


Chris Kratt (Dad): Chris is the first one who talks to Madi. They are very close, and Madi doesn't care if she takes pictures with Chris or any of her family, unlike a typical teenager trying to keep their cool.

Aviva Kratt (Mom): Aviva is suspicious of Madi at first, but after bonding time in the Tortuga, Aviva realizes Madi is her daughter and the two become very close. Madi likes to help her mom with inventions when she deems an adventure too "dangerous" from Madi.