When Martin and Chris dive into the coral reef and see a cuttlefish catch Hermit crabs and camouflaging on the coral to get away from a tiger shark. Meanwhile Zack is trying to make a new spy bot to sneak into the Tortuga and steal their secrets and info, until he sees Martin and Chris with Presto the Cuttlefish and thinks he can use the Cuttlefish camouflage for his new spy bots, to sneak into the Tortuga and steal their info and secrets. So it is up to Martin and Chris to use Cuttlefish powers and save Presto from becoming Zach's new spy bot.

Characters: Martin, Chris, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy Z

Villans: Zach Varmetech

Animals: Common Cuttlefish, Tiger Shark, Hermit Crabs

Animal Names: Presto the Cuttlefish

Rarely Seen Wildlife Moment: A cuttlefish making it's skin look like the environment.