Rick Ashley Scooter (less formaly known as Ricky) is an OC created by TheLivingTobeyMcCallister. She is featured in The Wonder and is 13 years-old.


Ricky wears jeans, flats, and one of Chris's old green sweaters with a neck-length zipper and black stripes running across the sides, with the sleeves rolled up. Underneath her sweater is a light purple undershirt. She has tan skin, green/hazel eyes, and bushy black hair. She is thin and a few inches shorter than Aviva.


Ricky is sassy, smart, determined, and can be strong leader but she is normaly the follower. However, she can get very competive, stubborn, and rebel against authority. She loves to create, and invent as well as meet new creatures. She is pretty clumsy and can't really keep a secret.


  • She has a pet jaguar named Sonic Roar
  • Ricky's dream is to invent safety gear based off of various creatures
  • Her favorite color is green but she does like purple
  • She is part of a various fandom group called the Trouble Making Trio. she is a human sorta she has a boy,s name she has no image