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The Wicked Kratts is a fanon comic created by ricokratt.

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Martin and Chris are taking hike though the forest of one of the many islands of British Columbia looking for a rare white supscicies of Black Bears called the Kermode or Spirit Bear for the Kermode Bear creature power disk. They found bear cubs and a bear adult. Meanwhile,Zach Varmitech creates a new Zachbot model, to replace the Zachbots he's currently using. He calls it the Zachbot 2.0- of course. This Zachbot is more agile, durabile, smarter, less literial, faster, and vastly improved fighting skills. Luckly, there are only two successful prototypes. Zach makes the  Zachbots into evil versions of the Kratts Brothers out them with their DNA from the Kratt bros' hair which makes them look exactly like the kratt bros. and he orders them to destroy the British Columbian Island forest that all the animals live so he can frame Chris and Martin for the destuction. And with them out of way, he can robots out of animals without being stoped by the Kratt Bros. The crew must stop the imposters before it's too late for them and the animals.

Rarely or never before seen wildlife momentEdit

Look inside Kermode Bear Den, Kermode Bear Foraging and hunting for food.

Animals FeaturedEdit

Kermode Bear, Moose, Salmom

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